Tatyana Chekmezova is a make-up artist & hair stylist from Russia, where she acquired fundamental skills in design & advertising sphere.
Tatyana studied the art of make-up in a well-known Russian school. After that she worked at a photography studio and collaborated with numerous modeling and event agencies.

Today Tatyana is quite cosmopolitan and works in different parts the world, mostly inspired by the greatness of New York and the elegance of London.
The main principle of her work is the combination of hi-end techniques, common for the Russian professionals, with her creative approach, which Tatyana acquired by attending the world famous artists’ schools, such as Kabuki, David Horn, Terry Barber, Karin Darnell.

Her style is a mixture of precise, graphical elements with soft and weightless shades, play of colors and shapes, distinctive features, which can be found in every created image.

“A human being is an endless universe”, says Tatyana, “Unlimited creative potential, uniqueness and freedom are hidden in each of us. All my art is a way to freedom and harmony by means of make-up and hair styling. With each of my works I want to express my attitude to this world, to do my bit in this huge universe of beauty.